Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve

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European Boar Hunting

We have a strain of pure European wild boar that we have been propagating here for more than 20 years. Our true wild boar come from the San Diego line of pure European wild boar. This means that some of our original sows, and our original breeder boar were purchased, and came  from the San Diego zoo as baby pigs. The San Diego zoo and animal park imported some of the first pure European wild boar into this country in the 1970s. We have been propagating and hunting these boars  on our farms and our preserve since 1993. If you wish to hunt a wild boar and have it mounted, this is the hunt that you want. The hair, the hackles, the tusk's and the color are far superior on these boars than Russians, feral hogs or cross breeds. A Russian boar is actually a cross between a pure European wild boar and something else(usually a domestic hog or a feral hog). Pure European wild boar grow very, very slowly. To reach 250 lbs they are often 3 times as old as a domestic type hog that will weigh that much. A pure European wild boar that weighs 250 lbs is going to be 2 1/2 to 3 years old. This is why they have better tusk's than other types of hogs that are hunted. All hogs have tusk's, but age is what grows tusk's. These boars a very lean. They have almost no fat on them. They are all muscle. Many people prefer to eat our Russian cross meat boars, because they have more fat content in the mea Than a Pure European, so they taste more like what you are used to what pork from the store taste like. Our boars are raised and live their whole lives on one of our farms or on our preserve.

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