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Watusi Cattle

Watusi are a large breed of cattle that are native to the continent of Africa. There is a Watusi tribe in Africa that domesticate these animals and use them for oxen. You may have seen this if you remember watching some of the old Tarzan movies. Today there are many herds of Watusi in the U.S. Mostly in Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, but some all over. A Watusi has about the same cholesterol content as an American Bison (which is very low). However a Watusi has considerably more fat marbled throughout the meat, which makes it a far superior animal for the taste of the meat. A Watusi has yellow fat instead of white fat. In our book, yellow fat equals great meat flavor! We hunt many more Watusi that Texas longhorn types, because of bigger body size, more massive horns, and better tasting meat. With the prices of Beef in the stores today, a Watusi hunt is always a good deal!

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