Fallow Deer

For centuries, European royalty has kept fallow deer herds on their vast preserves to hunt and enjoy. These animals have thus been called the “deer of kings.” Fallows are not browsers like whitetails are, only grazers. Any chef will tell you that the texture and flavor of the meat from a fallow deer is far superior than that of a whitetail because of this. With their palmated antlers, fallow bucks have more antler per pound of body weight than any other deer in the world!

Many people think that fallows are much smaller than whitetails. This is true, but not by much. All of the fallow bucks we harvest here have a weight of over 200 lbs. We have been raising Fallows on this preserve since 1992. All of the deer that we harvest here were born here and lived their whole lives here. We have about 150 head of fallow deer in our herd at all times.

When you hunt a fallow with us, you will not only see the deer that you are going to harvest, but our entire herd of juveniles to mature bucks and does as well. It makes for a great hunt of a magnificent animal.

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