Native Whitetail Deer

We own, lease, and operate over 600+ acres of property and offer Native White-Tail hunts in accordance with the Ohio Department of Wildlife seasons. We have 16 tree stands (most are doubles which fit two men) and our experienced guides will help you in and out of the stands in search of your trophy animal. Ohio is an over-the-counter state, so you can purchase your Ohio hunting license and deer tags online.

In past years, we have seen White-Tail on site score anywhere from 130-165. Despite its geographical size, Vinton County (where we are located) consistently ranks in the top 10 deer counties in the state of Ohio, with most of the deer being large-bodied specimens. Every one of our 18 permanent tree stands is maintained with corn and a salt lick to help you attract one of these animals. We rotate and monitor game cameras on all of the stands as well. We are constantly seeing large groups of deer, as well as the occasional fox, raccoon, and coyote.

We are located in Zone C and for the 2018-2019 hunting season, the Ohio DNR bag limits are 6 deer (only one may be antlered). Plan to arrive the night before you hunt with your hunting license and tags on hand so that we can show you the stands and you can decide on where to hunt in the morning. We have a shooting range where you can sight in your bow/shutgun/muzzle loader. We will provide you with a hunter safety harness; additionally, all of our stands have drop ropes so you can safely get in and out of them. When you have an animal down and are ready, give us a call at the lodge and one of the guides will pick you up and help you to retrieve the animal. If needed, our guides can also help you field dress, skin, cape, and quarter your trophy. We do not charge for this service, but the guides do accept tips. We also have a walk-in cooler to keep your trophy in. There is ice on site for purchase (@ $2/bag), and we would be more than happy to help you pack your cooler and get you on your way.

Come hunt with us and experience the best Southern Ohio hunting and hospitality!

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