Red Stag

We have been raising red deer (a.k.a. red stag) for almost as long as we have been operating. We have forty-some animals in our herd now, and their popularity grows every year as we have bulls maturing. We do NOT mix our red stag with our elk. Red Stag bulls are smaller in body size and have smaller antlers than an elk bull. You can distinguish a red stag bull by the crowns at the top of his antlers with 2 to 4 points. If he does not have crowns, then he is NOT a red stag bull.

Red Deer meat is favored by chefs throughout the world because of its flavor, texture, and the size of the cuts of meat. The red stag bulls that we harvest have a live body weight between 600 and 700 lbs. The meat is a delicacy, and it is a hunt that you would never forget.

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