Whitetail Deer

We hunt whitetails two ways here at the Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve: we do native whitetail hunts on our unfenced 400 acres, AND we hunt on the preserve. We raise some whitetails on site, and others we purchase to put on the preserve from several herds here in the state of Ohio. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and the Division of Wildlife, to raise and sell whitetail hunts.

Each year we have several does available to hunt (which are by far less expensive), usually throughout the fall and winter. In the early fall, we host a jamboree on whitetail doe. Whitetail bucks are available to hunt from September to January, and the price of these bucks depends on its size. We have bucks from about 120 inches up to more than 200 inches. Generally speaking, a 150-inch buck will be somewhere around $2500, but please call us for our availability and exact pricing. Note: any whitetail that you may harvest on our preserve will NOT count as deer harvested by the Division of Wildlife.

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